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    The New Digital Storytelling Series: Caspar Sonnen →


    Excellent interview with IDFA DocLab’s Caspar Sonnen, new media coordinator and curator who has both a wide view and detailed perspective of the interactive storytelling landscape.

    On collaboration:

    Know what story you want to tell or what experience you want to create, but also be honest about the skills you have yourself and in which cases you can better collaborate.

    On frameworks and tools:

    But as of yet, the best projects are all custom built and the most crucial tool will be the people you work with.

    On collaborative creation:

    As much as a work can become co-authored with a community of people online, participation in storytelling means the role of the auteur only becomes more important.

    On interactive storytelling:

    As a result, we all crave for more focused and meaningful experiences, both online and offline. Interactive documentary is one of the best examples of what the slow web can be.

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